IMG 1663
  • Marigee is Weegee's Sucess of destroying Mario and Is just in 20 games
  • Supa Androgee and Weegee with Malleo : Was Normal until the Endcutscene : Malleo:Look It's Mario! Weegee: (does weegee stare) Mario: ... Marigee: Hi WEEGEE Androgee:guys play ThE Wiigee Ugee
  • Supa Androgee and Weegee with Malleo 2, We e g e e
  • ar ood and gr at:
  • Bowser comes and Captures Androgee but sHe Reveals its SANIC HEGEHOG! Then real Androgee comes and says guys I got Weegee ga.. SANIC EVERYONE RUN!!

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